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Department of Inspection




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Board of Management


Mr. Herseng YIAPOHER

Director General of DOI



Mr. Somvanth PHOTHISAT

Deputy Director General of DOI

Management Structure:

                           1. Administration Division

                           2. State Inspection and Against-Corruption Division

                           3. Part Inspection Division

                           4. Proposal and Complaint Division

                           5. Legislative Division




Mandate and Functions:

    The Department of Inspection has an initial alphabet named “DOI”. It is one of the organizations that is under the control of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). It is mandated as a think-tank for the party committee of MOST to monitor, inspect the state and the party to fight corruption and to find solutions based on proposals from state party members, staff public servants and Lao citizens in the whole nation. 


             The Department of Inspection has many duties, mentioned below:

The Department of Inspection has many duties, mentioned below:

1.Act, instruct, agree and legislate the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

2.Study, search and find guidelines for the state and the party to reach accuracy in terms of inspection and responsibility of the implementations.

3.Monitor, inspect the rules of the party about the implementations and respect the rights and duties of the party cell and of all departments under MOST control. At the same time, the DOI strictly follows the inspection technical unit who has identified the inspection laws.

4.Participate to the monitoring, inspection and assessment of the party cell implementation of the Party Strong-Smart Leading that depends on the Ministry of Science and Technology.

5.In order to coordinate with all departments, search institutes for the development and amendments of the laws and regulations of the MOST.

6.Take responsibility for staff management, organize trainings to improve the capacity of the staff under DOI’s responsibility to raise awareness among politicians and implement their activities with effectiveness and efficiency.

7.Conduct studies on all petitions-proposals and implement tasks to investigate-interrogate, in collaboration with the department to find solutions and propose them to the Secretary of the party, minister who about the party, civil servants who violate the rules of the party or state laws.

8.Collaborate with all inspection departments in line with ministries following, monitor in relation with the MOST.

9.Inspect to ensure law enforcement of the state-party, staff-civil servants insights and anybody at a local level who violates state laws or regulations.

10.Keep an eye on the party’s funds such as: consciousness fees, supportive budget, money to implement project activities and other incomes of the MOST unit party.

11.Inspect and fight against discouragement, against corruption in the implementations of the state-party and include party members and staff-civil servants. Control the assets declare incomes, which are supervised under the control of the MOST.

12.Follow up and inspect the implementation of the project activities and budget planning; control assets, development fund, loan, grant, re-payment debts and policies to support the MOST.

13.Give briefs, summaries, reports and proposals on the new measures and approaches that turned out to be effective solutions, according to inspections done by the Secretary of the party, ministers, the chairman of the centre of inspection, the goverment inspector and include the following results to the inspection solutions.

14.Cooperate, meet and coordinate with any other local or foreignorganizations.

15.Implement tasks based on the mandate.




                                The Department of Inspection has many rights, mentioned below:

1.Right to submit proposals to the party, high employees at the MOS Tto issue decree on the state organizations, mass organizations, members of the party, staff-civil servants, who are under the control of the MOST.

2.Right to submit proposals to committee of the party: to the leader of the ministry in terms of suspension or cancellation of legislations, policy of its department, institutes and divisions in line with the provincial level. It has already been laid out, but there are incoherencies with the guidelines of the state party.

3.According to the mandate, collect information from the state party, mass organizations, COSs, state enterprises and individuals who are involved in the technological area.

4.Call for staff-civil servants insightsfrom the MOST to elaborate and provide explanations.

5.Submit proposals to the party and the leader of the committee about temporally suspended tasks on staff-civil servants who are being inspected; in case of consecration, there will be obstacles to the inspection.

6.Give results of the study to the party, the leaders of the ministries to nominate specialists and inspectors in order to solve some issues that complicate and involve many departments from science and technologyareas.

7.Follow, inspect and collect information relating to the current situation of the implementations of the organization throughout staff-civil servants who are under the control of DOI and report it to high-ranking-authorities.

8.Study and submit proposals on measures to take about law enforcement to staff civil servants who violate laws of the MOST.

9.Participate and give recommendations to internal and external workshops relating to the task nominated by the MOST.

10.Develop partnerships and run negotiations, signing MOC, conventional contracts with other local and foreign organizations based on the assignment of the MOST.

11.Implement according to the mandate and assignment of the MOST.



Ministry of Science and Technology

Department of Inspection
Location: Nahaideio Road, Sidamdaon village, Chanthabuoly district, Vientiane capital, Laos

Tel : (+85621 ) 255075. Fax : (+85621 )213472


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